Saturday, November 10, 2012

from your jewel


hyuk, sorry sbb xleh tulis pnjg lebar sbb quite busy with spm. tp ingat yg sya selalu ade untuk oppa. yg sya selalu percaya oppa no matter what. n kalu memang oppa couple, sya happy, u deserved a happy life. so, himniseyo :) jewel will always protect uri anchovy ! :3

 "Lee hyukjae is a pabo, before debut becausse he has no money to date with his gf then break-up because he feels unworthy for her, after debut write a song for her to be included in the album, in 2007 because his gf cheated on him, he punc
hed the wall causing fracture and doing his activities with bandaged-hand for half a month but he never mentioned anything until someone realised that in a tv show few years later. he never make use of the people he cares to be famous, he never mention or make use of the past to be trending topic, this is the real man. "

"I am worried you will apologize in the presscon and bow 90degrees. I am worried you will call
 teuk while crying, saying"what to do hyung, I feel so down". I am worried you and the members scolded by sm, holding back your tears apologizing you made thing worst. I am worried you will sit beside the window in silence, then cry seeing elf holding a supporting banner downstair. Fighting among ourselves is fine, being scolded is fine, let ELF face it is fine. Lee hyukjae, I am worried you will be hurt.

so oppa, dun worry too much. we love u the way u are :)))) SARANGHAE !!

just dont cry oppa ~

smile, like this ~

p/s: he's my wonderwall

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