Monday, October 29, 2012

to park jung soo

oppa, u will leave us tomorrow huh ? i'm so sad. but i'm not going to cry. let's meet next 2 years. we will always wait for u :))

Will you hear me out and not say anything?
I’m actually so nervous
I really don’t know how I will go through a day without you
I know it’s not the end for us
Don’t cry and hurt alone at my empty seat
* It’s only you in my heart, it’s only me in your heart
We’re resembling each other more and that means we’re in love
We’re under the same sky but apart in different places
Never forget this moment and remember it forever
I will remember your love that you showed me
The one and only love that no one can ever replace
I want to keep you deep inside my heart
I’m sorry for making you wait such a long time
The only one in my life, you are really special
You know too that I can’t go on if it’s not you and you can’t go on if it’s not me
At the thought of you, my heart rips, my sighs grow deep
Who says that things will get better little by little?
I love you, I love you, I love you, though you can’t hear me
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I regret so much
F.5.R.E.V.E.R. I will hold your hand
Like the day we fell for each other at first sight, let’s refresh our relationship
Be my love (I) Need you, girl
It’s only you for me, you know this too
When the cold wind blows, that feeling that brushes your fingertips
It will always be by your side
You held my hand, I synced my footsteps with yours
The day I see you again, I won’t let go of your hands
oppa , take care. eat well, sleep well. and come back as a man :)) elf love u ~
oppa, your dongsaeng will take care sj. dun worry ^_^
forever our leader :3
p/s: D-1, We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world.”

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