Sunday, April 15, 2012


      salam besties , long time no see, well. u know me. i'm kinda busy with all those school things and all sort of  things
      actually, last week ade someone yg sya syg look down on me, and it's bringing me down, it's shattered my heart know ? arggg, pabochorom =.= , ok. "LOOK DOWN ON ME, DOES MAKE OTHERS LOOK UP FOR YOU" ?
      so sya nak buktikan yg sya boleh buat, just wait the day that i will standing on that stage while holding my mom's hand , and bak kate cg bakar dlm assembly xd "believing is seeing".! yes , u can do it !

p/s: i have a dream,  i believe  my dream :)

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  1. bgge nie kalu cg burn bce...^ ^
    eley tue mknenyew dye jelez...!!!!~~