Wednesday, April 06, 2011

i love you

hye everyday..
firstly sorry sbb lme x update new post~
really2 busy lately~
sorry sorry..~
eypp,do you know who is LEE HYUKJAE~
or simply call as super junior eunhyuk?~
then,korang mesty jwb "ooo..dia member suju".."ooo...dia dancing machine suju"~
just "ooo" di hati sya..hyukie sangat special...super special~
if i wanna get married one day,i wanna get married someone like him~
this is not joke but this is the real thing~
my dream...that one day that i can meet him~
" I don't know how to describe Lee HyukJae, I just know how to love him"
sbb nyer sya ckp pasal hyukie ary ny...sbb 2 hary lepas hyukie punyer
birthday~i'm really thankful that eunhyuk born~
sya bukan suke dye sbb hyuk hansome+cute smata2~
tp,everything about him i love~
ade se kalu sya dop suke pasal hyuk adalah his religion and his strong belief to his religion~
i wish that he always happy and healty~
just wanna to continue loving u everyday~
salam and smile=)

p/s:love lee hyukjae with all my heart~!
p/s i love you~
p/s:to be continued this post~

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